About Chicago Loop Installation

Chicago Loop Installation was created in 2011, with the specific intent of aiding builders and contractors that lack the neccessary drilling equipment (and lot space) required for drilling geothermal loop fields. We determined very early on that that drilling and installing loop fields in highly populated urban areas where lot space is very small and dense, was a challenge that had yet to be met by any other company in the midwest.

With that challenge in mind we knew the very first thing we would need, was an entirely new drilling machine. A machine that would be small enough to drill in the basement of a building or home, and yet powerful enough to reach the necessary depths needed for fully fuctioning loop field. And from this: The Rig in a Box was born.

The Rig in a Box is so small and compact, that it will easilly fit through doorways and windows of new construction and it's sized right for gut rehabs or exxisting commercial buildings.